Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

Family photo.
Streets of Phuket.
What up.
Dim sum breakfast.
The aftermath.

Strictly for the locals

Message board with inspiring quotes from people around the world.
Huge book collection, epic stack of films, antique cameras, and unheard Radiohead tunes as background music serenading us. <3
Mong took us to a coffee shop where only the locals hang out. The buildings in this area are colonial Chinese/Portugese architecture.
Admiring the atmosphere. Notice the original circa 1950s mini cooper in the background.
Just kickin it and loving the free wifi.
Good night Phuket!!!

Non-Stop Face Stuffing Marathon - Part Duex

We were able to catch the last day of Phuket's food festival.
Anyone want Thai iced tea?

Black sticky rice with coconut milk steamed in a bamboo shoot - are you f-ing kidding me?
Stuffed crab...nuff said.
Don't know what it is, but we wish we ate it.
Beautiful miss Eunice - focused on murdering some food.
Beautiful miss Anya and her beer (clearly).

...Enter Phuket

Sawat Dee Khap - This is Mong Jichet, our local homie and bad ass DJ. Thank Jehovah.
He took us to his friend's cafe in Phuket town.Awesome vibe...
Awesome food...
We'll be back on Friday for a legit party - Mong and his friend are DJing. Holla!

Terror bus to Phuket

Here we are...
...about to embark on the gnarliest 20 hour journey to Phuket.Transfer to the local public bus from Surat Thani (not by choice might we add).

The view of the jungle was unbelievable.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lunch Time

Non stop face stuffing for a $1 a plate
Food coma part 1Food coma part 2
Fruit yogurt with muesli

Lets Get Weird

Dave & Anya's 1st day on Khao San Road

Sweaty butt cracks
Sweatier butt cracks
Nasty butt crack
Cramped butt crack


Rollin Hard BKK Style

Breakfast at Ethos

Fresh apple juice! Days worth of fiber in a glass! This little kitty had the largest scrotum
Excited. Super excited.Peaceful. Very peaceful.
SMILE and say CURRY!