Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Bali Buddha.. The best food and shakes ever. Thanks to Bali Buddha some of us are back on a 'regular' schedule. Farewell Bali Buddha. We'll miss you.

Monkey Forest

Step into my monkey forest
Keeping a safe distance
Mama and child
Hold on is there a monkey behind me?
They were VERY aggressive over food
It was getting a little scary
Stella decided to say hello
Big mistake.

Tenganan Village

Today we visited a native Balinese Village called Tenganan. It is one of the two only true Balinese
Villages. It is known for it's textile, specifically double ikat technique. There are currently about 625 people in the village. If people within the village marry people outside the village they are not allowed to stay in the village. That's the way of the village.
Dave in the jungle
Eunice in the jungle
Stella in the jungle
Tenganan Village guide
Tenganan alleyway
Tenganan chickens
Tenganan girl weaving a triple ikat sarong. Knowledge passed down for 21 generations. It takes a month to a full year to complete one sarong. None of these techniques are documented. It's all word of mouth.
Tenganan Temple where they have ceremonies and cock fights
Tenganan man carrying timber
Cock-a-doodle-doos preparing for a fight, staring each other down.

Candi Dasa

Candi Dasa is a sleepy beach town on the Southeast side of Bali. It takes about an hour to get there and is very popular with retired German tourists. Moma worthy
On the way we saw a man pushing his truck out of a lake, a dark nude man bathing, huts, free range cattle, and green for days. It was so beautiful getting there.
Dinner Time. Hair flowers included in the all inclusive meal.

The gears don't work and the seats squiggle from side to side.. want a ride?
A bat the size of a cat. SERIOUSLY.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A visit to the country side

As we were motorbiking through the outskirts of town we came across many beautiful, lush green, terraced rice paddies.

Doing what we do best

3 detox juices, 1 spirulina smoothie, 1 banana/date/almond smoothie, and 1 green super food smoothie. Less than $2 each, hello!
The Mediterranean Plate. Nuff said.

Home Sweet Bali Home

Welcome to Donalds Homestay Bungalows. View of our front porch - there are only 4 bungalows on the entire property (2 with hot water). Nature is definitely in your face. Constant duck quacking, chicken pecking, drums, chimes, gongs, rooster callings, water fountains, dog barks and brooms sweeping.
Our stony neighbor with daily offerings.
Small temple on the property, Stella about to pay her respects.
We shared the property with Chickens & baby chicks. Talk about free range.
Eunice healing from the motorbike accident, a night of vomiting, and being overly medicated. Thank gwad for Bali.