Saturday, October 3, 2009

14hr flight + 3hr flight + 30min cab + 20hr bus ride + 2hr ferry + 20 min longboat ride = Rantee Beach (Paradise)

Meet Captain Max (pronounced "Mac"). The MAN of the island.

Captain Max's crewAnya taking charge with the Captain
On our way

to the mostbeautiful beach on earth

Welcome with open arms!Dave shielding in the bungalow eating PB&JHugsThsuper Thstoked! Swimming in the rain at dusk.
Our fort right outside our bungalow
Loungin with mosquitos. does she look like she cares? no.Who's scared of crabs?Cheers suckas!
Love nest.
Our backdrop
Jonezies Jukebox wuzzup.
Amazing FAIL. we got eaten alive.
first polaroid in asia!
Long Tail Taxi boats lined up in style.

Captain Max's steezy ride. YES. The top is down.

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