Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day in the Life of Pai

After 3 hours & 720 turns in a minivan from ChangMai, we arrived in the mounainous town of Pai, northern Thailand. We were not expecting this small town to be so charming. The photo above was taken 5 minutes before a rain shower.
Natural hot springs bubbling from the ground leading us to the mineral water pools
Stella and Eunice jammin in the jungle
High tailin it to the hotsprings. The hot spring water was flowing out from the ground
After a 20 minute motorbike ride we finally made it!
Taking the time to enjoy our arrival
Feel the vibe...
Eat your heart out crystal waters
Hot Springs detox

Flexin for the ladies
Very happy to know we were doing something positive for our souls
Mineral Baths YEAH!!!
Breathin it alllllll in
Sexy time

************* 15 MINUTES LATER ****************
Sexy time overJonez's kneecap was left somewhere on the jungle highwayAt Pai Hospital. We were very bummed. Thank Gwad the emergency room cost us no more than $20 cause at home you know it would have cost us over a grand. Thumbs up to universal healthcare. Walking back from the hospital still wondering what the EFF happened
Back at the guest house still wondering what the EFF happened


  1. oh shit what happened to you crazy kids???

  2. i wish momma Anya could have been there to pick you up when you fell : ( Miss you guys sooo much!

  3. ohCRAP!!! NUts? did you guys give thanks to the buddah gods and give offerings while in the temples.. scary! I hope you're all okay!